Russia narrowly avoids EU blacklist

RUSSIAN and Albanian airlines were close to inclusion in the updated European Commission (EC) airline black list.

“Intense cooperation” was necessary with the authorities of those countries so as not to be named in 21 November’s new list of airlines banned from EU airspace.

The Russian and Albanian authorities adopted strong enforcement measures and made a commitment to control and contain any risks. Measures taken by the authorities included the revocation of the air operator’s certificate of Albanian Airlines and the restrictions imposed on all operations of VIM AVIA into the EU until 1 April 2012 – the date of the next list update. The operations of Yakutia and Tatarstan Airlines into the EU were also restricted.

The Commission will authorise TAAG Angolan Airlines to add two more aircraft to those operating in the EU. On the other hand it has imposed operating restrictions to exclude part of Jordan Aviation’s fleet and banned all operations of the air carrier Rollins Air certified in Honduras.

The list includes 11 air carriers, which are allowed to operate into the EU under strict restrictions and subject to conditions: Air Astana (Kazakhstan), Air Koryo (South Korea), Airlift International (Ghana), Air Service Comores, Afrijet, Gabon Airlines and SN2AG (all Gabon), Iran Air, TAAG Angolan Airlines, Air Madagascar and Jordan Aviation.

For more comprehensive information see Air Cargo News issue 716 published on 28 November.

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