SA to introduce new security rules

FOLLOWING rumours to the contrary, the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) has pushed ahead with new cargo security regulations. The new requirements, Part 108 (Air Cargo Security), which form part of the existing Civil Aviation Regulations, came into effect on 1 July.
According to Colin Jordaan, commissioner for civil aviation and chief executive officer of the SACAA, said: “Rumours currently circulating that the SACAA has decided to call off the introduction of Part 108 are false. Applicants for Regulated Agent status are encouraged to continue with the submission of their applications and security manuals for approval to the SACAA.
“In essence, as from 1 July, air carriers will not be allowed to carry unknown cargo. In terms of this regulation, cargo intended for loading on board an aircraft will need to be processed through a regulated agent who is required to apply security controls to such cargo and who holds a certificate of approval, issued by the Commissioner of the SACAA.
“South Africa is a signatory state to the International Civil Aviation Organisation’s (ICAO) Convention of 1944 and it is therefore expected to meet its international obligations in terms of ICAO standards and recommended practices. In this case, ICAO identified the need to enhance controls in the face of increased risks factors relating to air cargo,” explains Jordaan.
Moreover, says Jordaan, the plan is to look at ways that will bring the local cargo industry on par with forerunners in other parts of the world
“The time to implement preventive measures is overdue. If we don’t, the industry will find it difficult to do away with the prevailing perception that the air cargo sector is the weakest link in civil aviation security,” he added.

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