SATS and NACIL ground handle India

SINGAPORE Airport Terminal Services Limited (SATS) has approval from the government of India to establish a 50:50 ground-handling joint venture with the National Aviation Company of India (NACIL).

SATS was selected by NACIL following a request for proposal exercise called by NACIL. SATS and NACIL are already collaborating in two airports in Hyderabad and Bangalore, providing ground and cargo-handling services since the opening of these airports in March and May 2008 respectively.

Both partners intend to focus on two other metro airports in Mumbai and Delhi as the next stations to be started under this joint venture umbrella.

“We are extremely pleased to have NACIL, the national carrier of India, as our strategic partner,” said Clement Woon (above right), SATS president and chief executive officer. “We look forward to sharing our experience and know-how. We are excited with this new opportunity to further extend our collaboration and participate in India’s privatisation of its aviation services.”

Raghu Menon, chairman and managing director of NACIL, said: “SATS has over 60 years of experience in this field and provides a range of services based on the latest technologies and systems. Combined with NACIL’s experience and coverage, SATS’ presence will make the proposed joint venture more competitive and efficient.”

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