Sea-air model gains new partner

TOPOCEAN Group-Singapore, logistics service providers, recently joined a Memorandum of Agreement with Swift Global Logistics to become an authorised Sales agent of SAM (Sea Air Model) – Swift’s multimodal combined transport service. The MoA was signed by both parties, led by Behram Baluch for Swift, Far East regional director; and Thomas Sim, chief executive officer, Topocean Group-Singapore.

Sim said: “With inflation rates hitting all-time high, businesses are required to look for an efficient multimodal combined transport that offers a cost-effective way to move cargo – and SAM answers this concern. We look forward to a mutually beneficial collaboration with Swift Global Logistics,” said Sim.

“Now that Topocean Group-Singapore is part of the roster that is authorised to sell SAM, we are confident that a wider coverage of significant clientele is ensured. We are hoping that this would be the catalyst to encourage more to become an authorised SAM sales agent,” said Baluch.

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