Second Sydney airport decision urgent

IATA has called on Australia to pay urgent attention to some infrastructure issues in order to ensure the continued development of aviation connectivity there.
“Aviation binds the continent together and connects the island to its major trading partners,” notes Tony Tyler, the association’s director general.
“There is a lot at stake. Infrastructure and taxation are at the top of the list,” he adds.
In particular, the Australian government needs to make a decision on the construction of a second airport for Sydney.
At some point, Sydney will reach its maximum potential. “We have about two decades to select a site, sort out all of the necessary approvals, acquire the land, upgrade surface transport, get the airport built, and, of course figure out how to pay for it all. That is not a lot of time for such a mammoth and important project,” Tyler stresses.
New aviation infrastructure developments have been taking place across Asia in the last two decades: new terminals in Singapore and Taipei, new runways and terminals in Tokyo and Delhi; and whole new airports in Seoul, Osaka, Nagoya, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur – and there is a massive airport construction programme across China.
“Further procrastination will only lead to missed opportunities for economic growth. The challenge is to break out of the endless cycle of studies, make a decision and get on with it,” said Tyler.
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