Senior execs sell out Indian airport

CHENNAI International Airport’s cargo operations are to go to a private company – Bhadra International – in a move that many are calling a “scam”.

“We suspect a huge scam behind this move, which is happening when a major modernisation project at Chennai air cargo, at a cost of US$32 million, is nearing completion,” said an executive at the airport unhappy with the decision.

“We have in fact achieved a 15 per cent growth in import and 35 per cent growth in export of cargo consignments in the last 10 months.”

He said it was highly suspicious that the former commercial executive director of Airports Authority of India (AAI), R Narayanan, who approved the contract, also happens to have become a vice-president of Bhadra after his retirement.

Another executive, S Basu, said: “Higher officials…are literally selling out AAI for their personal benefits and better prospects after retirement.”


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