Service is the key, says American

SERVICE, not price, will be the key for airlines when trying to win pharmaceutical business, according to Dave Brooks, president cargo for American Airlines.

“When we are working with customers on this product, price is the last thing they talk about,” he says. “Instead they want to be convinced that they can have as much confidence in you as their customers have in them.

“That is not something you can do by just sending a brochure. You have to spend a lot of time with both forwarders and shippers going over your operating procedures, where the shipment will transit and whether employees are trained.”

For this reason, he is not too worried by the fact that more and more airlines are offering pharmaceutical products. “Those who come in and think they can get traffic on price won’t succeed,” he says. “But for those who can produce the right level of service, there will be enough business to go round.”

For the full story read the latest digital edition of Air Cargo News, dated 5 April, here.


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