Sharjah’s Supreme perishables centre

THE Netherlands-headquartered logistics provider Supreme Group has established a perishables facility at Sharjah International Airport (UAE).

The 3,428m2 centre enables goods en route to Afghanistan from the UAE to be stored in a temperature-controlled space instead of using dry ice.

Supreme Group operates two daily freight flights into Afghanistan.

“Even at our peak with 22 flights in one week the chilled facility was able to easily meet the extra demand, so clearly we have the capacity to grow this arm of the business and handle third-party cargo,” Supreme Aviation managing director Charlie Szar commented.

Key commodities addressed by this new centre include fruits, vegetables and dairy and meat products.

“This facility not only improves the quality of our outgoing food supplies, but also it allows us to potentially transport other goods, such as pharmaceuticals,” he said.

The 24-7 chilled facility can hold approximately 650 tri-wall boxes at any given time. The facility currently handles approximately 5,000 tonnes of perishables each month.

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