Siemens signs Delhi cargo handling contract

SIEMENS will set up state-of-the-art cargo handling equipment for the integrated cargo complex at Delhi International Airport (India).

The technology provider will install automation systems, which enable higher cargo throughput, faster clearance and better cargo handling services at the Delhi Cargo Service Center (DCSC) Greenfield Air Cargo Terminal.

Siemens’ Mobility Division will outfit the main terminal – T1 with an air cargo handling solution (MHS), which will include an automatic storage and retrieval system, cargo workstation, and pallet, container storage and handling systems, all managed and controlled by high-level IT programmes.

Siemens Mobility Division will also supply elevating Transfer vehicles, transfer vehicles, shuttles and hoists for fast movement of unit loading devices.

Starting with a mechanised handling system, for four years T1 will be largely automated in its operations with a capacity to handle more than 600,000 metric tonnes of cargo annually. Siemens will also maintain the system initially for a period of two years.

The total investment in MHS will be to the tune of €37 million (US$53 million), which is to date India’s largest cargo handling system contract.

“We expect huge growth in cargo volumes and traffic, and such a reliable and high-performance cargo handling equipment will help respond to this demand,” Radharamanan Panicker, managing director of DCSC, said.

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