Slight rise in European airline figures for June

EUROPEAN airfreight figures for June show a small rise on some networks for June but overall there is still no end in sight for the industry’s doldrums.

Overall, there was a 20.7 per cent decrease in demand from last year, with both the major traffic flows – North Atlantic and Far East – posting losses even more severe, at -21.8 per cent and -24.9 per cent respectively.

Intra-Europe traffic fell 6.7 per cent in June compared to last year, which is an improvement from May, which saw a decline of 16 per cent from 2008. However, Europe-international traffic was down 20.7 per cent, lower again from May’s -19.8 per cent drop.

This brings the year-to-date figures to intra-Europe at -16.4 per cent and Europe-international to -22.1 per cent. Compared to year-to-May this is a slight improvement, from -18.3 and -22.3 per cent respectively

Of the major European carriers, Scandinavian Airline System posted the largest drop of 48.1 per cent.

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