Smoothly does it for airfreight

AUSTRALIAN yogurt lovers will be celebrating the fruits of airfreight labour after Air Menzies International (AMI) delivered 24,700 kilos of dairy machines half way round the world.
AMI worked with Forwarding Direct and their agent Heppner to shift the food machinery from Courville-sur-Eure, France, to South Dandenong, 60km south east of Melbourne Airport.
The delivery will produce 30,000 tonnes of the creamy dairy product, create 50 new jobs and deliver a boost to local dairy farmers.
The cargo, valued at US$4.5 million, was shipped in six crates; the largest measured 11.85m x 2.47m x 3.04m and weighed 16,700kgs and was flown on an IL76 by Jordanian operator JIAC.
“The load was a very tight fit, with only a few inches to spare,” comments Peter Logan, AMI’s General Manager in Victoria. 
“Winching the cargo from its transit position on the aircraft onto the hi-loader took around two hours to ensure that the load and the aircraft would not be damaged.
“This was an unusual job calling for special handling and minute attention to detail. Thanks to the airport authority and everyone else involved, it all went off very smoothly.”
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