Stansted submits second runway proposal

THE BAA will submit plans for a second runway at Stansted Airport this week, as it looks to expand its third London airport.

If given the green light, the runway would be located 2.2km east of the existing one. The application has a 15-point plan, including creating more car parks, building taxiways and the runway itself, plus the demolition of existing buildings including those in residential use on land east and south of the current airport boundaries.

Accommodation for freight and cargo handling, an energy centre and drainage for buildings, is also being applied for.

The Government’s aviation White Paper fully supports the need for additional capacity and a second runway at Stansted.

Four planning applications for the construction of roads, building a runway, provision of airport buildings and change of land usage from agricultural to nature conservation, have already been submitted to the local Council.

The G2 application, which aims to increase passenger numbers and air traffic by building another runway, forecasts a staggering 68 million passengers a year would be flooding through Stansted by 2030.

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