Steady Traffic Growth at Vitoria

TRAFFIC at Vitoria Airport in Northern Spain, has continued to grow steadily throughout 2008, despite the problems of the global air cargo industry. Throughput for the first six months of 2008 has recorded an increase of 17.61 per cent over last year, which is partly due to expansion of the DHL network’s activities at Vitoria adding two more daily flights. At the same time, charter activity, including five extra wide bodied flights, also boosts the figures, with more charters in the pipeline.

Enrique Gutierrez, managing director of VIAS, knows what it takes to make cargo work.

“We benefit from two main traffic flows here at Vitoria. On the one hand DHL’s expansion is creating steady flows of cargo which their brand new state-of-the-art warehouse can handle quickly. With no night restrictions and immediate road access, this is an ideal integrator hub. Equally important are the facilities we can offer operators of large freighters, for which VIAS is especially well qualified. Loading and unloading, building up pallets and break bulk can be carried out smoothly and fast with our highly experienced workforce. Whether it involves heavy machinery, tractor tyres or rare rhinos, it’s all in a day’s work for our team.

“Clearly conditions for global cargo operators are getting tougher all the time and freighter economics are always under a strain from cheap belly hold deals. However an airport such as Vitoria provides the most advantageous conditions and with VIAS it’s a true one-stop-shop for all needs. We offer unrivalled lack of congestion in the air and on the ground, fast access to the whole of the Iberian market, as well as most of Europe. It’s only four hours to Madrid and even London is just 18 hours away. Our strategic position as the gateway to Southern Europe plus the choice of independent handlers has also made us highly competitive, at a time when every cent of cost saving is vital. All these factors combine to make Vitoria one of the most attractive freighter hubs in Europe.”

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