Stop multiple security regulations demands TIACA

GLOBAL aviation security must be threat-based, risk-managed, multi-layered and operationally consistent to be effective, says the chairman of TIACA’s industry affairs committee.

Ulrich Ogiermann, also the president and chief executive officer of Cargolux, said security agencies should make full use of other global trade and transport operators’ best practice and harmonise worldwide security controls to avoid redundancy of regulations.

“Restrictions and controls should be reasonably and visibly related to the threats they are intended to counter. While sudden, unexpected developments could justify urgent unilateral action, broad security strategy and related legislation should be based on systematic consultation with relevant and responsible business interests. We would also like to see further consultation on national legislation that often has significant extra-territorial effects, for example the introduction of import controls.”

He recognised the efforts of the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA), that has been actively working with TIACA to inform the air cargo industry about US legislative requirements coming into force in February 2009 that mandate screening for 50 per cent of all air cargo that is transported on a passenger aircraft. This will be increased to 100 per cent by August 2010.

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