Streamline Customs to aid air cargo

INTERNATIONAL pressure is growing to speed and secure international air cargo. In two independent announcements, four organisations have called for greater easing of trade barriers and strengthening of security.

In the first, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the World Customs Organization (WCO) agreed to align both organisations’ air cargo-related regulations, including electronic advance data, the sharing of information at government-to-government, Customs-to-Customs and Customs-to-industry levels, training and education, and risk management.

“The solution to improving security without sacrificing speed of delivery is through the consistent application of relevant and effective controls, from start to finish during the shipping process,” said Raymond Benjamin, secretary general of ICAO.

The pair also criticised the policy of 100 per cent screening, such as that advocated by the US, as an efficient security measure. Instead they back a risk-based approach and announced that they will “explore the application of risk management to cargo”.

In the second announcement, the World Trade Organization (WTO), backed by The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA), has called for specific additions to international trade negotiations that will benefit air cargo.

Read more in Air Cargo News no. 707 on 25 July

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