Strike stops PIA cargo flights

PAKISTAN International Airlines’ flight operations were disrupted during the weekend of 16 July following a strike by its union.

Workers were protesting about the murder of PIA union president Syed Ahmer Ali Shah and his associate on 16 July.

As many as 44 flights — 27 domestic and 17 international — originating from Karachi (Pakistan) were either cancelled or suffered long delays.

The airline has experienced huge financial losses, as perishable cargo items meant for different international destinations could not be sent on time, PIA sources said.

The first cargo flight, which was scheduled to leave for Abu Dhabi (UAE) on 16 July, finally took off the evening after. The PIA sources said that the other cargo flights delayed during the last 24 hours included flights to Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), London (UK) and Toronto (Canada).

Police are investigating political motives behind the murder of Shah, who was affiliated with the Pakistan Peoples Party.

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