Successful freighters conference hears about disorder and secrecy

AIR CARGO is a business in partial disarray – across all sectors.
Widespread disorder is a key factor in the industry’s constant struggle to make enough money for re-investment, delegates at the latest Freighters and Belly World Conference were told.
Because of reduced yields, airline cargo divisions cannot make enough money to survive, let alone expand their businesses.
The event, organised annually by Air Cargo News, attracts leaders from airlines, airports, GSAs, brokers, ACMI specialists, aircraft manufacturers and market analysts.
The latest two-day debate, held this year in Abu Dhabi, focused on the subject of successfully mixing belly and freighter capacity.
But delegates heard instead how dysfunctional connections, error-strewn ground operations and a lack of innovation continue to deter outside investors – and also go some way towards explaining customer defection to other transport modes in recent years.
Read more stories and interviews in the next two editions of Air Cargo News 7, 21 October  – Issue 762 and 763. 
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