Surcharge sham

INDEPENDENT freight forwarders have reacted angrily to Lufthansa’s move to increase security surcharges, alongside a stated 20 per cent increase in rates.

The contentious move to raise both rates and the security surcharge was exclusively revealed in the 9 August issue of Air Cargo News.

Dr Andreas Otto (right), in his letter to customers, justified the surcharge increase by stating that: “The reason for increasing the surcharge is to be sought in the steadily mounting international security regulations, massive investment in security technology, recruitment of additional personnel and related training measures. Lufthansa Cargo’s security costs have risen tenfold since 2000.”

One executive at a Frankfurt-based medium-sized agent, however, called the rise a sham. “What Dr Otto does not explain is how insurance plays its part. The surcharge was brought in, understandably, in the wake of 9/11 when insurance prices went through the roof. However, since that time insurance prices have returned to normality, yet the surcharge keeps rising.”

For the full story read the latest free digital edition of Air Cargo News, no. 684 dated 23 August, here.

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