Swifts SAM model highlights multimodal potential

SWIFT Group, announced that its product Sea-Air Model (SAM) managed to maintain top-rate performance during the last quarter of 2007 and the first quarter of 2008, meeting 99 per cent of its KPI.

SAM or Sea-Air Model is a multimodal transport operation, which combines sea and air modes of transport from the Far East to Africa via Dubai. Shipments travel by sea freight from the Far East to Dubai, where Swift promptly transfers them to the Dubai International Airport. Using premier airlines, shipments are airfreighted from Dubai to a number of African destinations.

“Providing a multimodal transport solution into Africa presents multiple challenges in synchronising modes of transport. We hope to achieve once again 100 per cent performance record for SAM, as we had on the first quarter of last year. But we’re happy to meet 99 per cent of our KPI – it has been an enormous challenge for the whole group to maintain such KPI level, but we’re continuously aiming to do better,” said Swift Group, group executive director, Vincent Brank.

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