Swiss WorldCargo opts for lightweight ULDs

SWISS WorldCargo is replacing some of its unit load devices (ULDs) with state-of-the-art, lightweight containers.
The entire XKN fleet, used for the transportation of valuables on long-haul routes, will be replaced with AVA containers provided by outsourced ULD management company Jettainer. 
Fifty units have already been replaced and the remaining 70 will be rolled-out by the end of 2015. 
The replacements are constructed of carbon fibre as well as partly recycled composite materials. They are some 40 kilos lighter than the XKNs.
This significant weight reduction will result in an improved payload, increased fuel efficiency, as well as the reduction of CO2 emissions, says a spokesperson for the carrier. 
Weight reduction is not the only benefit. Production of the material is by far more sustainable than the production of aluminium and, in the event of damage, the risk of injury to ground handling staff is significantly reduced. 
“With the departure of the last XKN units and the arrival of further new lightweight containers, the Swiss WorldCargo ULD fleet continues to develop towards modern, lightweight, efficient and environmental material,” says Christine Barden, head of transportation management at Swiss WorldCargo.

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