Swiss WorldCargo spreads its wings

EXCLUSIVE to Air Cargo News, Swiss WorldCargo reveals its 2010 performance and highlights what is in store for 2011.

Volume load factors for 2010 reached around 83 per cent, the company said, with the first two months of the year resting at an 80 per cent average.

Swiss WorldCargo only markets the belly capacity of the Swiss fleet, comprising 80 aircraft – 26 for long and 54 for medium and short haul flights.

The aircraft fall into two categories: widebody aircraft such as the A330-223 and A340- 300, which are used on long-haul flights and when fully loaded can carry up to 23 tonnes of freight in addition to passengers; and narrowbodies, which are used on short and medium-haul flights and have a maximum freight capacity of around three tonnes.

These capacities are augmented by the belly capacity of the Edelweiss Air fleet (3xA320, 1xA330-200 and 1xA330-300) and by a finely meshed trucking network in Europe and North America.

New Swiss WorldCargo destinations launched in 2010, thanks to the cooperation with Edelweiss Air, included Goa, Kilimanjaro, Mauritius, Plata, Pristina, Puerto, and Skopje.

New destinations to be launched in summer 2011 in cooperation with Edelweiss Air are Anchorage, Beijing and Beirut.


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