Swissport’s Virgin Tokyo deal

SWISSPORT International has started cargo-handling services for Virgin Atlantic Cargo for the first time at Tokyo’s Narita Airport (Japan).

“We are continuously looking for innovative solutions with our handlers and we are convinced that we have made a good decision in appointing Swissport to handle our cargo at Narita,” Neil Ferdinando, vice-president operations at Virgin Atlantic Cargo, said.

Swissport has been operating passenger ground-handling and ramp services at Narita for several years. The addition of a cargo handling capability completes its portfolio at this key airport, allowing it to offer a full range of ground-handling services to airlines, the company said.

The handling warehouse in Narita South, which became operational on 12 November, has ramp access and is capable of handling all kinds of products, including bonded cargo, valuables, temperature-sensitive and dangerous goods, with ample space for growth in both its office and handling areas.

Swissport International provides ground services for around 3.2 million tonnes of cargo a year, using 98 warehouses with a total floor area of over 360,000m2 on behalf of 650 clients in the aviation sector

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