TAM and TAP sign network deal

TAM Cargo, has signed an agreement with TAP Cargo that expands the range of destinations served by the cargo operations of both companies. The agreement will see TAM Cargo serve an extra 15 destinations in Europe and Africa, while TAP Cargo will be able to deliver cargo to 15 additional destinations throughout Brazil and the rest of South America.

“The agreement will enable TAM to offer a more complete and efficient service to our clients, who can be rest assured that they will be provided with a high-quality operation from start to finish through both TAM Cargo and TAP Cargo,” said Carlos Amodeo, TAM’s director of cargo.

With the new partnership, TAM Cargo will expand its operation in Europe to include Lisbon and Porto (Portugal), Amsterdam (Holland), Prague (Czech Republic), Budapest (Hungary), Stockholm (Sweden), Copenhagen (Denmark), Oslo (Norway) and Zagreb (Croatia). In Africa TAM Cargo will not be able to serve Luanda (Angola), Maputo (Mozambique), Dakar (Senegal), Sal (Cape Verde), Sao Tome and Guinea Bissau.

“This agreement is exceedingly important for both companies and takes advantage of the complementary route networks to expand our freight transportation services in South America and Europe,” said Luis Vaz, TAP’s executive administrator.

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