The trend is upwards – but for how much longer

CAUTIOUS might be the best way to describe the mood at Inter Aviation Services, with a steady recovery being overshadowed by fears about the future direction of the global economy.

Jacques Heeremans, foun­der and managing director of the company, says that after a fantastic start to 2010 and a reasonable summer, volumes continue to grow steadily from Europe to Asia, the Middle East and Africa, but he finds the lack of a peak season out of Asia troubling.

“In the short term it is not hurting us, but it is an indication of what is coming,” he says. “In the more than 30 years I have been in the business, there has always been a peak season in the last quarter. The exception was in 2008, and the start of 2009 was then disastrous. If there is no peak it is because consumers in Europe and the US are not spending, and we may see the consequence of that in six to nine months. But only time will tell.”

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