TSA finalises belly screen rule

ON 19 September the US’ Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) final rule on screening belly-hold cargo will be implemented.

The rule finalises the measure that has been in place since September 2009 when the Certified Cargo Screening Program (CCSP) was set up.

The CCSP allowed independent companies to be certified to carry out cargo security checks on behalf of air carriers. The checks will take place at offsite facilities before transporting the shipments to the airport.

The TSA conducts routine inspections to ensure certified screening companies are complying with the CCSP requirements.

From February 2009 air carriers were required to ensure at least 50 per cent of air cargo was being screened. In August last year a mandate for 100 per cent screening when using passenger aircraft departing US airports came into force.

The new rule sets out the regulatory requirements for screening facilities to take part in the CCSSP, including staff qualifications, security programmes and screening procedures, as well as the carrying out of five-yearly security threat assessments for staff.

The rule means TSA-approved verification firms can also perform assessments of certified cargo screening facilities.

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