TSA ruling limits forwarding options

CONTINENTAL Micronesia, a subsidiary airline of Continental Airlines, will no longer accept cargo directly from non-US individuals.

The Guam-based airline said in a statement: “Due to a recent change in regulations from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Continental Micronesia can only accept cargo from cargo agents, freight forwarders, consolidators and (International Air Transport Association)-approved agents. This rule only applies to cargo acceptance at locations outside the US.”

There is some doubt as to whether TSA will fully implement this ruling on a global scale. A decision is expected to be made within the next two weeks.

The US Congress has told the TSA to ensure that 100 per cent of bellyhold cargo entering the US is to be screened by August 2010.

Edward Kelly, general manager of air cargo for Transportation Sector Network Management, told Congress last month that that deadline is unlikely to be met.

“To date, the industry has accomplished 50 per cent system-wide screening for international inbound cargo,” he said. “TSA cannot implement a security regimen in a foreign country without extensive cooperative planning with, and acceptance by, our international partners.”

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