UK remains frozen

AIRFREIGHT in the UK continues to suffer delays thanks to the country coming to a near halt from levels of snow other countries would find laughable.

Despite weather forecasts three weeks ago warning of the incoming bad weather, airports, trains and roads have all suffered major delays and sudden cancellations due to snow that reaches at most 30 cm.

Gatwick remains closed until Friday at the earliest. One response to Gatwick’s Twitter announcement of its closure read: “This is absolutely pathetic. I can’t believe that an airport of this size fails to keep a single runway open.” Heathrow, for the time being, continues with minimal delays.

Rail across much of the south-east is stalled, with commuters stuck overnight in some trains.

Cars lie abandoned on motorways and police have warned people only to travel in emergencies.

The national press once again questions the country’s ability to cope with even minor disruptions that then cause major complications to the supply chain.

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