United keeps careful eye on cargo

UNITED Cargo is to install specialist environmental monitoring technology on all of its fleet.

The Sentry 400 FlightSafe device from OnAsset Intelligence has multiple sensors, such as temperature, pressure, humidity, shock, vibration and location, to monitor cargo throughout its journey.

The device is also able to automatically suppress its own wireless radios, and any within its cargo, during take off and landing and to switch to a safe flight mode.

“It’s a potent combination for our customers” said Robbie Anderson, president United Cargo.

Adam Crossno, chief executive officer of OnAsset Intelligencm, added: “Visibility to the condition of environmentally sensitive cargo as it moves through the supply chain helps companies proactively intervene in situations that may impact the quality of the cargo prior to reaching its destination.”

Southwest Cargo bought the same technology in June 2011.

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