United outsources ULDs

UNITED Airlines, has signed a five-year ULD management contract with Jettainer.

Jettainer will provide the carrier with a full range of services that includes the provision of day-to-day management services such as worldwide tracking & tracing, active inventory management, ULD repairs and performance monitoring.

With the addition of United Airlines, Jettainer’s managed ULD portfolio increases to 65,000 units in use by 12 customer airlines at more than 500 locations worldwide.

“United’s selection of Jettainer as its ULD management partner, is an important milestone for our company and will result in additional synergies in our ULD supply chain benefiting United and their customers,” said Jettainer managing director Mohammed Seiraffi. “Our ULD pooling approach offers lower and predictable operating expenses, access to best practice processes and technologies, better balanced ULD inventories and enhanced flexibility, due to controlled access to a large fleet of ULDs.”

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