Upbeat mood at TIACA

THERE are reasons to be cheerful in air cargo – that is the industry consensus emerging from the TIACA conference.
US Transport Secretary’s Ray LaHood’s keynote address, which opened the biennial air cargo forum conference in Atlanta, Georgia, highlighted the need for a stronger air cargo set-up as critical to the wellbeing of the global economy.
Echoing that position Michael Steen, Atlas Air’s chairman, told delegates he is convinced that while radical changes are being forced on the business they “will make our industry stronger" leaving it better equipped to respond to opportunities in China, India, Africa and Latin America.
Brian Kelley, chief product supply officer at Coca Cola, went further, noting that improvements and efficiencies in logistics solutions are a key factor to the expansion of his business.
Richard Anderson, chief executive of Delta Air Lines, says: “At Delta, we’re quite positive. US companies are showing profits, the US housing market has bottomed out and – even though Europe will remain choppy – we’re moving forward with greater confidence.”
The innovations highlighted include the adoption of e-freight transactions, with their cost-saving, enhanced security credentials; better managed jet fuel costs; lower operating economics; less red tape, including the opening up of protected international markets and global harmonisation of standards.
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