US airport update 20 April

AIR Cargo News reports on new cargo developments at airports in the US.

Chicago Rockford Airport has received conditional approval for 747-8 operations, pending certification of the aircraft and pending some airport modifications that are underway. Rockford officials expect to be one of the first airports cargo carriers will bring the new widebody freighter after it is delivered this summer. Toledo in Ohio is also chasing approval for 747-8 landings.

New York officials are searching for a consultant to study air cargo at JFK (pictured) to help determine how to expand the business.

Nevada’s Reno-Tahoe International Airport experienced 13 consecutive months of cargo growth. In February 2011, Reno-Tahoe International handled 12.9 perc ent more cargo than it did in February 2010.

The Dayton International Airport in Ohio saw an increase in cargo traffic in March with cargo traffic jumping 14.6 per cent, marking the second consecutive month of increases. Until February, cargo traffic had declined 13 consecutive months.

A private investor is constructing a 62,000 square foot cargo building to replace the previous building at MidAmerica Airport in St. Louis. The new building, slated for completion by the end of June, will include more than 20,000 square feet of space for processing perishable goods.

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