US Defence replaces Agility

THE US Defence Logistics Agency (DLA) has awarded the lucrative food and drink contract for the US military based in the Middle East to Dubai-based Anham.

Anham will replace Agility, which is defending itself from allegations of overcharging the US Army on multi-billion dollar contracts. Those contracts run out in December this year.

Anham’s contract is estimated at a total aggregate dollar value of US$2.16 billion, including options if exercised, with a maximum contract dollar value of $6.47 billion. The initial contract period is 18 months, with options to renew the contract up to six years.

“We are fully prepared to work as prime vendor immediately,” said David Braus, managing director for Anham. “We fully expect to meet and exceed all deadlines and milestones set by the company and the US Government,” said Braus.

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