US forwarders call on Congress for calm

THE US Airforwarders Association has called on Congress for moderation when determining its response to the cargo security crisis. Brandon Fried (right), executive director of the association urged Congress to work with the other public sector organisations, such as the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP), to implement a risk-based assessment programme for securing inbound air cargo.

“Air forwarders and others in the air cargo industry are 100 per cent committed to safety and security, but that is the only instance when a percentage is appropriate in any discussion of cargo security,” said Fried. “We urge Congress to reject additional calls for 100 per cent screening of inbound cargo. Instead, policymakers should enact a risk-based system for global air cargo security, as recommended by the supply chain and our international partners.”

The association said that only by improving inter-agency cooperation, including intelligence and supply chain solutions, investing in additional methods and technologies for screening and encouraging inter-industry cooperation and information sharing, would air cargo security be robustly implemented.

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