US inks India as a safe bet

WHILE Korea and the US approach a new free-trade agreement deal, India looks to benefit from a new bilateral aviation safety agreement (BASA) with the US.

A team from the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has reviewed the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) aircraft certification system and carried out a technical assessment in the country, and has left satisfied.

“The DGCA has a very sound aircraft certification system in place commensurate with the rules, regulations [and] working procedures,” the FAA reported.

The FAA also examined the DGCA process of awarding works to its contractors.

These checks all lead to US secretary of state Hilary Clinton’s visit to India next week to sign the BASA.

“This will open up huge potential for investment. It will also usher in mutual acceptance of aeronautical products and parts developed in either country,” civil aviation secretary Nasim Zaidi said.

Aerospace products made in India will be inspected and certified by the DGCA and then can be exported.

The agreement will also add to India’s rapidly growing aviation market, which is increasing by 18 per cent a year. This growth demands a shake up in operational conduct. As such India has pledged to restructure the DGCA into a Civil Aviation Authority. An independent Civil Aviation Accident Investigation Committee has been set up in order to prevent repetitive accidents. Steps are also under way to establish an Independent Accident Investigation Board.

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