US should sub screening says ACSA

THE Air Cargo Security Alliance (ACSA) has proposed that the US government provide a US$400 million fund to subsidise the 100 per cent air cargo screening scheduled for 2010.

Under the proposal, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) should provide a pre-screening option for cargo agents paid for by a five-cent per pound surcharge.

Dave Wirsing of the ACSA says the five cents would cover the cost of hiring, training and employing the necessary TSA personnel plus equipment in order to provide a “level of security commensurate with the level of security for the screening of passenger checked baggage.”

“The ACSA supports the certified cargo screening programme as one of a multi-layered, risk-based approach to air cargo security, though not as a be-all-end-all singular solution,” Wirsing said.

“In addition to CCSP, the ACSA proposes the option of a federal screening operation at the nation’s airports staffed by TSA professional screeners utilising TSA-certified screening equipment. This is consistent with [the act’s specification that] air cargo screening be consistent with the screening of passengers and their baggage at the airports.”

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