Vienna’s royal cargo calling

ROYAL Jordanian (RJ) is lifting frequency to Vienna (Austria) following the beginning of services there at the tail end of last year.

RJ will add a second frequency in May and a third in November, as demand for Jordanian products grows in Eastern Europe.

Closer to home, the carrier is conducting feasibility studies to start cargo operations to Benghazi, Misrata and Tripoli (all Libya) as well as Nairobi (Kenya), RJ vice-president of cargo sales and services Muath Majali says.

RJ intends to ship out goods such as vegetables, fruits and medicine.

The airline is planning to open a warehouse in mid-February for courier companies operating at Queen Alia International Airport, Majali adds. RJ will also provide handling services for the new warehouse.

RJ, which carries 60 per cent of freight exports from Jordan and 40 per cent of its imports, has recently concluded commercial agreements with regional and international parties. The agreements include carrying Syrian mail, Iraqi mail from Baghdad and Erbil to other countries and an agreement with the Palestinian postal corporation. Other agreements include transporting mail from Austria, Belgium, Germany, India, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Thailand.

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