Volgas Il-76 business benefits from ban

VOLGA-Dnepr’s new re-engined Il-76-TD90-VD freighters are proving a hit with customers according to group commercial managing director, Dennis Gliznoutsa.

 “The Il-76 business is booming for several reasons. Firstly there has been an upsurge in demand for supporting major events and concerts, for which this aircraft is ideal. Secondly, security, safety and new legislation rules have prevented almost all first-generation Il-76s from operating in Europe and the US.

“This, along with an increasing number of airlines appearing on the EU airlines blacklist, has created great demand for the re-engined version.”

Gliznoutsa says the airline is eagerly awaiting its delayed third example, which he expects now at the end of September. The only other operator of the type, Silk Way Airlines is also expecting its third example some time in 2009, although production problems persist.

It is not the end for the original Il-76s, however, according to Gliznoutsa, who says that Volga-Dnepr’s six Il-76TDs are seeing plenty of work in Africa and the Middle East as well as Russia.

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