West Air gets new BAe ATP-F

BAE Systems Regional Aircraft has leased an additional ATP freighter to European Transport Management (ETM).

The aircraft is configured as an E-class bulk freighter and was delivered to ETM in mid-December. It will be used by one of the airlines in the West Air Europe Group, of which ETM is a member.

Steve Doughty, senior vice-president sales and marketing for BAE Systems Regional Aircraft, said: “Since the launch of the ATP-F programme in June 2000, in which West Air Sweden played such a key role, we have been pleased to secure a steady stream of new business from the West Air group as it has expanded. Today’s announcement is the 8th transaction we have announced with West Air over the past nine years.”

Gustaf Thureborn, chief executive of West Air Europe, said: “The ATP freighter is the reliable backbone of both the West Air Group airline operations and also of Atlantic Airlines. Working together with BAE Systems we have helped to create the ATP as the most economic and efficient eight-tonne freighter in operation today.”

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