West Atlantic poised

Boeing 737-800 freighter. Photo: West Atlantic Sweden

WEST Atlantic is ready to capitalise on the upturn – cargo boss.
Russell Ladkin, sales director of West Atlantic, says the Anglo-Swedish-Luxembourg carrier will overcome last year’s Airbus disappointment with a new Boeing aircraft.
West Atlantic would have been the launch customer for the Airbus A320-F passenger to freight conversion, until the project was cancelled by the manufacturer in November last year.
Mr Ladkin says they were now considering Boeing 737-400 as replacement.
“We are looking at the market and we are looking for the modest up turn in business to continue,” he says.
“Essentially we are still on the same plan – we would have taken receipt of our first A320 by the end of this year but we have now got the 737-300 and we are now thinking of the 737-400 as a substitute.”
Ladkin said the company would be ready to take advantage of any market improvement, whichever option they chose.
West Atlantic, has an annual turnover in excess of $US121 million, employs 450 staff and has a fleet of more than 50 aircraft.
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