Yangtze River Express orders three B737-400SFs

CHINA’S Yangtze River Express Airlines, a joint venture all-cargo carrier formed by HNA Group and China Airlines, has ordered three B737-400SF 11-pallet configuration freighter conversions.
Supplied by Aeronautical Engineers Inc (AEI), initial work will be carried out next month at the modifier’s Authorized Conversion Center, at Boeing Shanghai Aviation Services.
Robert Convey, vice-president of sales and marketing for AEI, says: "This order represents the first three AEI 737-400SF’s in China for AEI."
The aircraft offers a unique multi-option loading facility flexibility, designed by AEI to allow the operator to immediately adapt to multiple ULD configurations at a moment’s notice.
Formed in 1958, AEI claims to be the oldest conversion company in existence. For more than 55 years it has provided advanced engineering solutions to aircraft owners and operators.
The Yangtze River Express fleet consists of 19 aircraft, including 15 B737 freighters, three B747-400 freighters and one A330-200 freighter.
Yangtze has 40 domestic and international routes and has more than 800 staff, while operating more than 200 flights weekly.
The Chinese all-cargo airline is planning to establish a worldwide service network, covering Shanghai and other major China cities, connecting the European and Asian continents, says a statement.
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