Yusen helps Samsung Galaxy S4 reach market

THE FLEXIBILITY of carefully managed air cargo supply chains helped smooth the launch of the popular Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone in the UK.  
With unparalleled volumes of handsets pre-sold, the arrival of substantial launch volumes from the Far East was eagerly awaited by customers.
“Yusen Logistics’ airport-centric inbound supply chain operation ensured a success story for Samsung,” the logistics company states.
Yusen and the South Korean hi-tech company have consistently worked together to compress cycle times between UK entry and availability of stock during a period of unprecedented growth in the mobile phones market.
Yusen Logistics successfully delivered all the volume to Samsung’s UK customer base within 12 hours of arrival into the company’s warehouse.
Such is the success of Samsung’s new innovative range of smartphones, Yusen Logistics operation is forecast to deliver 50 per cent more Samsung ‘phones than last year.
Ian Ulvmoen, European logistics director at Samsung, enthuses: “Yusen Logistics is ultra flexible, executing our requirements 100 per cent.
“The demands of these high value businesses have changed the traditional supply chain and Yusen Logistics has turned conventional day 3 into day 1, providing a dynamic same-day solution right from the ‘plane landing, through to direct delivery to customers in the UK,” he adds.
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