Yusen’s new pharma deal with AstraZeneca

YUSEN Logistics (YL) is to transport AstraZeneca’s (AZ) prescription drugs from the UK to Australia, as part of a new venture. 
The operation involves applying thermal protection to each individual pallet to maintain the correct temperatures in transit. Shipments from the biopharmaceutical company’s North West-based warehouse in Cheshire are timed to arrive in Sydney at the coolest time of day.
The freight is stored under strict temperature guidelines in transit, ensuring product integrity at all times, the air/ocean freight forwarding company states. 
Yusen has been working in close partnership with AstraZeneca since 2007, when it was appointed to manage its European road freight operations.
Julian Wann, from AZ, enthuses: “The relationship is one that has matured since its inception, as we have identified new requirements, Yusen Logistics has been proactive in developing solutions that meet all our needs.”
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